What is Loopadelphia???

Loopadelphia is a programming labor of love.

After years of attending and working production positions for electronic music events, I wanted to find a way to contribute musically.  One problem.  I'm not a DJ.  

So as I worked writing and producing electronic music, this urge kept returning of wanting to perform music I equate with joy, happiness, and community.  But, I'm not a DJ.

So, my journey has led me here.  Loopadelphia is a live EDM project that looks to achieve the sense of excitment and musical drama that I have seen world class DJs level on crowds time and time again.  

I don't play songs or tracks during my set, and though there are samples and a capellas programmed, there are no pre-recorded backing tracks.

Loopadelphia is a live, improvised set.  Different each time.  There are certain parts of my Ableton session that randomize what is being played so that I am forced to listen as well as play.  Each time I start, I don't know where exactly I'll end up.  That's part of what makes this project new and exciting everytime I step up to my controllers and press start.  

I hope you enjoy Loopadelphia.